- formula -

The project has a strong international appeal: Chalet Ciro 1952 is now ready to meet with international investors to establish a strong, winning partnership, where the strategic capability and experience of the Franchisor meets the Franchisee’s knowledge of the local markets,
modeling the format to local needs and customs.
The franchisee will have the right to develop the Brand Chalet Ciro 1952 in the area of his interest with the full support of the Franchisor,
with a common goal in mind: the expansion of the Brand for a win-win partnership

Chalet Ciro 1952 Franchise System is offered to International Investors with several options:

Unit Franchise

for a single shop;

Multi Unit Franchise

The franchisee is commited to develop a geographic area or a whole country through the opening of a number of retail shops,
directly managed by the Franchisee; the number of retail outlets will be agreed with the Franchisor based on the area and its potential

Master Franchise

After the opening of one or more outlets, the Franchisee may be allowed to develop his area by subfranchising the Brand

- Lab+corner -

In addition to the above arrangements, a Lab+Corner is offered after the establishment of a flagship store in a designated area.

It is a production and sale site, organized in a way that can supply up to 8 units in the area that, for lack of space, are not able to carry on production.

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