- il concept -

Chalet Ciro 1952 aims to recreate in its stores a typical Italian style atmosphere where customers can enjoy high quality food and drinks in a cozy and
fashionable space- the ideal place to meet, have breakfast, a quick lunch or just relax and taste one of the famous Neapolitan specialties.

The décor is inspired by the Italian design of the 60’s and the pale blue of the walls
is a tribute to the beautiful water and sky of Mergellina, Naples waterfront where the historical Chalet Ciro is housed

A beautiful summer day


Protection from light in the midday

Neapolitan craft: the "riggiola"

- design -

The "riggiola" becomes a fretwork and creates shadows on surfaces

Galp Ltd
c/o Pini Franco LLP
22-24 Ely Place, London, EC1N 6TE